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With 7.600 customers in more than 50 countries, Klaes has developed into an internationally operating company. Over the years, the one-man business has grown into a large company with seven subsidiaries in Australia, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Russia & Great Britain. Inspiring innovations, competent customer service and practice-proven solutions have made us what we are today.

Constant software development, a high level of quality management and the expert knowledge of our 280 employees support us in our daily work and in the development of new intelligent products. We are present in more than 16 countries with 28 different trade fair appearances and road shows to show our mature projects. We offer software solutions in 27 different language versions for our wide range of customers.



in more than 50 countries


Trade fair appearances

in more than 16 countries


Subsidiary companies



Language versions

of our software solutions

“ : 木艺家在2017年和Klaes合作,2018年增加了阳光房软件,2019年增加了豪迈5轴CNC设备联机加工阳光房,随着木艺家业务量的不断增长,我们还会不断增加信息化投入,用最先进的信息化手段来降低成本,Klaes中国团队的优质服务给了我们信心!”


"We (WoodArt) bought Klaes 2D professional in 2017. As it worked very well in the window production we bought Klaes 3D for the production of conservatories in 2018. We invested in a Homag 5-axis CNC machine for conservatories in 2019. We will continue to invest in the digitalization of our Company and use modern information tools to reduce costs and optimize the working process. The excellent service of Klaes China gives us more confidence."

WoodArt-Mr Lan 天津木艺家 China - company: WoodArt

“ 我们在2010年选择和Klaes合作,目前是国内首家在前端使用网络商店进行线上报价,数据直接打通到后端进行生产的门窗公司,Klaes帮助我们大大提升了接单效率和准确度,减少了大量成本,给Klaes点赞!。”
"We have been working with Klaes since 2010 and we are the first window producer using the online shop (Klaes webshop) as an online offer for our end users in China. Hereby the efficiency and accuracy of order taking increased, and of course, it helped to reduce a lot of costs. A big thumbs-up for Klaes."

Jerdewin(Anrida)-Mr-Zhou 青岛宏明泰 China - company: Jerdewin

“Trabajamos con el software de Klaes desde el año 2011. Gracias a las soluciones digitales de Klaes nuestra competitividad  es mucho mayor , mejorando nuestra eficacia comercial y la rapidez de diseño. Una parte elementar es la simplificación y mejora en la gestión de la producción en la cual tenemos conectadas las maquinas CNC de Homag y el centro de mecanizado Weinig Conturex directamente con el programa Klaes."
"We have been working with Klaes Software since 2011. Thanks to Klaes' digital solutions we are highly competitive, we have improved our commercial efficiency and are able to design quickly. Furthermore, we have achieved a simplification and significant improvement in production management by controlling our CNC Homag and Weinig Conturex machines directly with the Klaes program."

Marcos Roman (Roman Clavero S.L.) Mr Marcos Roman Spain - company: Roman Clavero S.L.

Trade Fair Appearances

Fensterbau Frontale, the world's leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades,
takes place every two years.
There as well as at many other industry fairs, Klaes is a well-known exhibitor with an extensive supporting programme. You will find all upcoming fairs in our calendar.

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