Window Producer on his notebook while participating in a Klaes Web-Seminar

Klaes Web-Seminars

The virtual Seminar Room in your own Office

You are interested in a seminar, but unfortunately can not come to Ahrweiler? No problem! Let’s meet in a virtual seminar room – the Klaes Web-Seminars make it possible! A web-seminar is basically the same as a seminar. The only difference is that all participants sit in their own office during a web-seminar.

Their computers are connected to the web-seminar host’s computer via internet and all participants can listen to the host by telephone. After the web-seminar host has explained all the content step by step, he will of course answer your questions.

Discover new Klaes solutions

Free web-seminars in which certain topics are briefly presented in about 45 minutes

Specific topics explained in individual sessions

Web-seminars in which desired topics are explained during an individual session by your personal coach

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